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Use Google Home to find your favorite podcast content, and then listen in by simply asking your assistant to play it. For example: Access the latest in global business news, politics and world news in less than three minutes by asking Google to “Play Bloomberg First Word”
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Google Home provides fast hands-free access to all the Bloomberg audio content you want to hear. Search Bloomberg podcasts by date, subject, host, or guest name to find the content most useful to you.

Fast, Hands-free Access
Listen to Bloomberg audio podcasts, even when you’re busy doing something else.

Find Your Favorites
Use Google Home to search for the Bloomberg podcast content you want to hear, find your favorite podcast show, and listen to the people who are moving today’s markets.

Use the time you spend cleaning your home to get up to speed on what is happening in the world of business with Bloomberg podcasts.

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Now use your Google Home assistant to access the latest in global business news, politics and world news in less than three minutes. Simply ask your assistant to “Play Bloomberg First Word” or click below to find your favorite Bloomberg podcast.